Licence in Dental Operation Part 1

Licence in Dental Operation Part 1

Exam overview

Component hands down the Licence in Dental operation (LDS) is made up of two papers: single answer that is best (SBA) concerns and extensive matching (EMQ) questions. Both role 1 documents needs to be passed away at one sitting for applicants to progress to role 2.

The component 1 LDS exam is generally held at least one time per in the UK year.

After feedback from our 2019 assessment, we now have updated our application procedure. Please guarantee you learn about the procedure that is new using.


A synopsis of LDS prospect eligibility is provided below. Browse the LDS exam laws and LDS Part 1 application guidance.

All candidates must to be eligible to enter each part of the LDS exam

Exam format

The LDS role 1 exam is made up of two documents, all of as much as three hours extent. The structure will likely to be solitary answer that is best (SBA) and extensive matching (EMQ) questions centred primarily on knowledge and its particular application to:

a) c linically applied dental technology and clinically used disease that is human

b) a spects of clinical dentistry, law and ethics, and safety and health

To be able to advance to role 2, both role 1 documents will have to be passed away at one sitting. If either paper is unsuccessful applicants is going to be expected to re-sit most of role 1.

Below is an overview for the major competencies/learning results that might be examined. These represent broad types of expert task and concerns that take place in the practice that is general of as they are interdisciplinary in orientation and must embrace a feature of critical reasoning.

They might use in differing techniques to clients of all of the many years, including young ones, adolescents, grownups additionally the senior.

Professionalism a) Expert behaviour and attitude b) Ethics and jurisprudence

Interpersonal, Correspondence and Social Abilities a) Interaction

Knowledge Base, Information and Suggestions literacy a) Application of fundamental biological, medical, technical and medical sciences b) Acquiring and utilizing information Clinical Information Gathering a) getting and recording a thorough reputation for the patient’s medical, dental and dental state

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning a) Decision-making, medical thinking and judgment b) Education of patients and handling of comprehensive main care c) Oral medication management d) Periodontal management ag ag e) Caries and endodontic administration f) surgical treatments g) soreness and anxiety administration h) Restorative/prosthodontics management i) Orthodontic management j) crisis therapy

Health advertising a) enhancing the teeth’s health of people, families and teams in the neighborhood

These major competencies are underpinned by sub-sets of more detail by detail supporting skills, understanding and expert values. The information, along with associated evaluation practices are put down when you look at the Learning results document.

Booking Alternatives

Licence in Dental Surgical Treatment Role 1

The application form duration will shut at 5pm regarding the due date date. Applicants might only submit one application.